Saturday, June 2, 2012

On Aging

I know, I know...some are thinking I don't have any room to talk about it but come on, 36 1/2 is no spring chicken! But so far I just have to say that the number itself does not bother me. I really don't mind saying I'm in my 30s or that I'm 36. (Although as I was thinking about this I thought about saying I didn't mind that I was approaching my 40s...not sure about that one!)
The great thing about my 30s: I know who I am and I'm okay with it. The things people say to me or about me don't really affect me as badly as they did when I was younger (20s and under). I'm not defined by those things. I've made my mistakes and I've learned from them (not that I'm done with mistakes...I assure you, I make them daily still). So, I guess I'm wiser! That's a good thing! I know I don't have to walk around half-naked (what was I thinking anyway?). It's more attractive to cover up strategic body parts. I know that if someone doesn't like who I really am, then that's okay. I don't need to pretend to be someone different. I know that being honest about how you feel gets you a lot further than sulking and pouting and hoping they notice how you feel. I know that you have to be careful about your actions because others are watching. Not in the way that you need to impress people but you need to be an example to those who might be looking. I know that drinking excessively does not make you cool. It makes you dumb. You just think you look/sound/move cool...and that makes you dumber!
So, the 30s sound pretty great...except here are the things I don't like:
::my new highlights. I never requested silver ones. And why are they so sproingy?
::my backaches.
::the fact that my figure is changing and it's much harder to make it what I like.

That's all. I think the good outweighs the bad. Don't you?

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