Saturday, June 30, 2007

Haley has acute RBS

Well, our baby, our sweet, sweet baby has been unofficially diagnosed with acute RBS. :( While some of you might not be familiar with the name of this disorder, it is prob'ly not is also known as ROTTEN BABY SYNDROME! ;)
In the past few days she has decided the only time she should smile or stop yelling is if she is riding around on mommy's hip facing out...the problem with this is that "mommy" has other jobs and a back that gets rather TIRED!! Actually she seems to be teething :( I think she might be cranky due to the teething and is distracted when she is carried where she can see what is going on.
Today we went to the mall and had Haley's ears pierced (and she only cried for a few minutes in case you're wondering),
Ogled the clothes at Gymboree and Dillards (well, Lindsay and I did, Jared and Harold went into the gun/knife store that is in our mall) that we can't have and then went to see the new movie Ratatouille (sp??). It was really good, and luckily Haley was good. So, the kids got to do something they really wanted to do and overall we had a nice family day!!
We also passed yet another "baby milestone" this week. Haley slept in her crib at night. Up until now I've been really holding onto the cradle in our room, but the time has come...she is sleeping through the night and there is no excuse anymore...
We made it though the week with no head injuries or major catastrophies!! Woo hoo!! The babysitting I'm doing has gone to full time, but I'm looking at it as a blessing for the income-and I'm also very blessed that the mom that I babysit for is very grateful and makes me feel appreciated! She pays on time, picks them up on time and is sweet about the whole thing...I know that sometimes babysitters get taken totally advantage of, and that is not the case here!! All the stuff we did today? Would not have happened if it hadn't been for my job!
We're also looking at our new homeschool materials for next year-which I will have much more choice in what I buy now!!

I promise more pics later...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Sad Time-In Memory of Eric 6/6/88 to 6/19/07

Well, the other day we had the unimaginable happen in our family. It was one of those things that only happens to "other" people...
Eric, my cousin, died while swimming in a lake. What a fun, harmless,all American thing to do on a hot summer day, right? But because of this fun, harmless, all American thing he is no longer with us and the family must learn how to go on with a piece of our heart will never be the same again for so many in our family. I guess you don't realize how much a part of your life someone is til they're not there. Sad but true that you don't know what you've got til it's gone... You know to take the time to appreciate the people who are older or more frail, but Eric was 19, healthy and young and larger than life (at 6'5" he was definitely larger than life!) He was a son, a brother, a nephew, a grandson, a best friend, a much wrapped up in one person...How does everyone go on?? I guess the answer is with a hole in their heart that is Eric sized...
I guess if there's a lesson we can learn here it is that we have to live life to the fullest and that you should love God with all your heart. Always be ready to "meet your Maker" as the saying goes. I read on Eric's myspace this morning that he didn't regret the things he'd done, but what he hadn't done. How much more meaningful that is now.
I know that I am so far removed from the whole situation that to me it's almost not real, but to so many he was such a part of their every day life and will be missed every minute of every hour of every day. I pray for God's peace (the peace that passeth all understanding) to fill the hearts of those who can't imagine life without him. And may Eric rest in the arms of God...I'm ending now with a picture taken in September of 2005 right before his brother's wedding. Eric is the big tall guy next to Jared!! and in the second picture he is sitting down watching Lindsay play golf...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Weekend at the Beach-w/ a little rambling from me

This weekend we went to the beach (Haley's firs trip)! It was fun and she did great! The kids were able to run and play in the sand and in the water to their hearts content while we sat under our new cabana shade thingy! Haley just was her normal cheerful self-happy to be where the "action" is and watch things-then when it was her naptime she just took her nap! She really is the perfect "3rd child"-cause the third one has to be able to "travel well" :)
We even made it home w/ very little sunburn on any of us! (Just a few spots we missed with that sunblock!)
So, here are the pics from this week! There is also one of Jared's "head damage" as he calls it!
Oh, and Jared said something funny this morning...I was getting ready to take them to VBS and gave him my phone number to put in his pocket and he told me "Mom, there's just one problem that I don't think this is going to work very well...I have your phone number but I don't have a phone" :p

p.s. the first pic of Haley is one of her doing her "new thing"-she chews on her tongue...whaddya think? Should we tell her it doesn't look very intelligent?? ;)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Crazy days...

Life has taken a few twists and turns since my last post...I am now a WAHM (work at home mom) instead of a SAHM :) I have started babysitting 3 boys (aged 8-11) in the afternoons. They needed a new babysitter and we needed to supplement our here we are! It's definitely been interesting this week (it's the first week). Days 1 and 2 we were feeling each other out...Day 3 (Wed) Several of the boys (mine included) tried to ride bikes/scooters down the slide-out of the fort!!! I stopped that but then...Jared got hit in the head with a baseball bat!!! :( The boys (Jared and 2 of the babysitting kids) were in the backyard playing baseball. Jared was thrilled as he is alllll boy and sometimes I think gets bored staying home w/ mom and sisters...So, I was thrilled for him! Until I heard the scream from the backyard (now, Jared is not into dramatics-he is tough and usually does not cry when he gets hurt). When I saw him I wanted to throw up...but I didn't. I wish I could say I totally kept my cool, but I can't :(. I did think to call my mom though and when I briefly told her what happened and asked what to do she said "The Emergency Room, take him to the ER" So, off we go-me and 5 kids and a the ER. I thought to call the pedi on the way and they said I could bring him to the office instead (he wasn't bleeding, hadn't lost consciousness or vomited). So, I call Harold and tell him to leave work and meet us at the pedi office where Jared gets sent to the hospital for a skull x-ray!! Holy cow!! Ok, long story short he's ok! He even looks really good-and it hasn't even been 48 hours yet. I'll try to post a pic of what he looks like today, but it won't show much-thankfully!! Well, while all this is happening and we're in the waiting room of the dr's office I happen to remember I was BAKING COOKIES when we left!!! I had to call Leah (my friend who lives a few blocks over) and ask her (pretty please) to wake her baby and take her preschooler over and save my house from fire!!!! AAAAHHHH! Luckily since we were in such a panic getting out of the house I had left the back door unlocked. She said there was smoke pouring out of the stove and my kitchen was full of it...**rolling eyes** But, everything is ok thank God!!!!!
So, yesterday I prayed for "boring"-and it was a good day! LOL I took all the kids to the pool as soon as they got here and they had fun and I didn't have to worry so much. (Since they are bigger plus there are life guards alllll over the place. Haley and I sat in the shade while she slept and they played. Great day!!! :) :) :) With happy tired kids at the end of it all...
Today-we took Haley-girl to the dr for her 4 mos check-up. She is a big girl now!! She is 15 lbs 15 oz and is 26 3/4 inches long!! She's in the 85% for her weight and in the 90s for her height!!! Her new accomplishments are: eating rice cereal every night, sleeping through the night (yyyyaaaaaayyyy!!), rolling all over the living room and beginning to sit up for very short periods of time (supported by her hands). In general she is a joy to have around! She smiles and "talks" constantly! And just melts my heart!! (Especially now that she is sleeping at night!) I guess it's about time to put the cradle away :( :( and put her in Lindsay's room. That means the end of newborn stuff.
We are getting excited about our camping trip in August!! (I know it's a ways off, but I can look forward to it! LOL) We're going to Inks Lake state park and we've never been there. Hopefully I'll have some great pics to post when we return.
Ok, I'll end this post right now. And try to put some pics on here!!! :)

Friday, June 1, 2007

On happiness...

I have been inundated with emails and devotionals lately on attitude! Hmmm, maybe God is trying to tell me something??
The email that just really stuck in my head/heart was about an old man who had myriad of health problems (old age related) and he had lost his wife and decided he had no choice but to check himself into a nursing he was waiting for his room to be ready (some would be grumpy that it wasn't ready when they arrived, huh?) he waited patiently. Then an attendant came and told him about his room-all the details. He said the room was beautiful. She looked at him funny and said "Sir, you haven't even seen it yet" And his reply was "I've decided I like it" He told her that happiness was a choice!!! It just makes me realize how ungrateful I am in so many situations. I can choose to be happy (this man had lost his wife, was legally blind...) no matter what the situation. And if I can't find the happiness in my own heart, maybe I can ask God for a happy heart!!!
The other thing I've read lately is a devotional from a book for mommies. (Mommy, hold you) It emphasizes that Parenthood is a privelege not a punishment. Wow!!! So often I huff around about the things I "have" to do. How blessed I am to have to do those things! My children are alive and healthy!!! There was also an activity to help your family count their blessings--list everything you have in life (dishwasher, a home, clothing...) then cross off the things you can live w/o! I haven't done it yet, but just the thought of all the "extras" I have in my life makes me cringe at the times I've complained... There will be a time when I long for the toys that are scattered on the floor now. My children will grow up and I can then have a "perfect" house, but will I want it then??
I know this is sappy and rambling, but it's really been on my heart the past 2 days...Ok, I "have" to go now. My kids need me! And I'm going to smile while I do the things that "have" to be done!!!!!! Pictures next time-promise! ;)

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