Friday, June 1, 2007

On happiness...

I have been inundated with emails and devotionals lately on attitude! Hmmm, maybe God is trying to tell me something??
The email that just really stuck in my head/heart was about an old man who had myriad of health problems (old age related) and he had lost his wife and decided he had no choice but to check himself into a nursing he was waiting for his room to be ready (some would be grumpy that it wasn't ready when they arrived, huh?) he waited patiently. Then an attendant came and told him about his room-all the details. He said the room was beautiful. She looked at him funny and said "Sir, you haven't even seen it yet" And his reply was "I've decided I like it" He told her that happiness was a choice!!! It just makes me realize how ungrateful I am in so many situations. I can choose to be happy (this man had lost his wife, was legally blind...) no matter what the situation. And if I can't find the happiness in my own heart, maybe I can ask God for a happy heart!!!
The other thing I've read lately is a devotional from a book for mommies. (Mommy, hold you) It emphasizes that Parenthood is a privelege not a punishment. Wow!!! So often I huff around about the things I "have" to do. How blessed I am to have to do those things! My children are alive and healthy!!! There was also an activity to help your family count their blessings--list everything you have in life (dishwasher, a home, clothing...) then cross off the things you can live w/o! I haven't done it yet, but just the thought of all the "extras" I have in my life makes me cringe at the times I've complained... There will be a time when I long for the toys that are scattered on the floor now. My children will grow up and I can then have a "perfect" house, but will I want it then??
I know this is sappy and rambling, but it's really been on my heart the past 2 days...Ok, I "have" to go now. My kids need me! And I'm going to smile while I do the things that "have" to be done!!!!!! Pictures next time-promise! ;)

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rdinana said...

What a beautiful insight into parenthood and attitude and the choices that we make towards both. All too often we as parents make the choice to feel like we "have to" do this, and we "have to" do that, and our attitude is one of aggravation that we are being asked to do these things. When, as Cara pointed out, these things are privileges, given to us by God and of which we are allowed to participate. It is not easy to accept all of the things and situations that we find ourselves having to face, but if we choose an attitude of acceptance, it becomes much easier at once. we need to keep these things in mind as we watch our children grow because they will one day leave us on our own and those messes on the floor and "have to's" will be long gone; and, yes, you will miss them. My kids are grown and past that stage and I have realized that I can never get those days back. And, believe me, I wish that I had spent alot more of that time of their lives accepting them as gifts and privileges than whining and complaining about the "have to's" that accompanied them. Thank you, Cara, for that beautiful insight into attitude and acceptance. You are blessed to have this knowledge while your children are still at such an early age. Love and accept them as they are and for all they bring with them.

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