Sunday, November 20, 2016


In part of our new, crazy "normal" we went to a new church this morning. Because we don't always "live" at home now, I knew it was necessary. We are spending too many Sundays out of church. Not okay for us.
The preacher spoke on "Gratitude". Specifically, an incident in Luke where Jesus healed 10 lepers. What a horrifying disease. The most dreaded of the day. All of the men showed the good attributes of faith and obedience but only 1 showed gratitude. As they all ran off (in obedience) to the priest, they began to see the effects of Jesus's miracle on their bodies. The healing! ONE man, the Samaritan, ran back to thank Jesus. Not quietly, not with a high five, but loudly! He knew where his healing had come from. He proclaimed LOUDLY and fell on his face!
I've been meaning to tell our story. To proclaim my gratitude. To tell of the growth and healing we have experienced through some pretty hard things. And instead, I fear I got busy. Sure, I thanked God. And especially when I run, I just praise my God. But that's quietly. I should be proclaiming it. Sharing. Stay tuned!

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