Monday, August 8, 2011


I am, admittedly, not very good with adjusting to new things. I have wanted a laptop forever and yet I didn't want to get one because that's a whole new way of doing things. A whole new kind of keyboard to get used to, a new "mouse" ('cause there's really not one)...just all new. And what about wi-fi. What is that even? (Right now I'm sitting at my computer desk even though I have a laptop because I'm using my old modem and I'm still connected to the cord!?) And does it cost extra to get said wi-fi?
But last night we bit the bullet and bought one (cash Dave Ramsey, cash! When it said "swipe card" I didn't!). We didn't get the most expensive one-prob'ly one of the least expensive ones. But, in all honesty, I way underuse my computers, cameras, phones (anything and everything technology) so the guy in Best Buy with his look of disdain...take that. I'm happy with one without all the bells and whistles. Nyah. (He was kind of a snob about it.)

So, it might be a bit before I learn the ins and outs of posting pictures (the part where you get the pictures ON the computer that is) and stuff...but so far, I'm liking it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


These past couple of months have seen some big milestones and changes for our Baby Nathan. I feel like he is growing up so fast that my head (or heart) is spinning. The two major changes are that he is now weaned from nursing (19 months) and he got his first big boy haircut. Both have made me a little sad-or maybe nostalgic!?

I have known he needed a haircut for quite a while but it was so hard to cut those blond locks off...where did he get them anyway? The fact is, no matter what baby habits you keep, they grow up anyways. But if you try to keep them a baby it's like a middle aged woman trying to dress like a teenager. It just looks silly.
I could have kept nursing him...but wouldn't it be silly stupid if he were leaving the dugout in Little League to come for a sip? Something along the lines of a water bottle or Gatorade might be more appropriate.
I could've kept his hair long...but he was starting to look a little Donald Trump-ish.
All of these baby milestones have to be dealt's just a little harder when it's your final baby. The last time.
I try to remind myself it's the beginning of another time. A time when I get to participate more in the lives of my big kids...but it'd be sour grapes if I pretended I was glad he's not my little baby anymore.

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