Saturday, June 30, 2007

Haley has acute RBS

Well, our baby, our sweet, sweet baby has been unofficially diagnosed with acute RBS. :( While some of you might not be familiar with the name of this disorder, it is prob'ly not is also known as ROTTEN BABY SYNDROME! ;)
In the past few days she has decided the only time she should smile or stop yelling is if she is riding around on mommy's hip facing out...the problem with this is that "mommy" has other jobs and a back that gets rather TIRED!! Actually she seems to be teething :( I think she might be cranky due to the teething and is distracted when she is carried where she can see what is going on.
Today we went to the mall and had Haley's ears pierced (and she only cried for a few minutes in case you're wondering),
Ogled the clothes at Gymboree and Dillards (well, Lindsay and I did, Jared and Harold went into the gun/knife store that is in our mall) that we can't have and then went to see the new movie Ratatouille (sp??). It was really good, and luckily Haley was good. So, the kids got to do something they really wanted to do and overall we had a nice family day!!
We also passed yet another "baby milestone" this week. Haley slept in her crib at night. Up until now I've been really holding onto the cradle in our room, but the time has come...she is sleeping through the night and there is no excuse anymore...
We made it though the week with no head injuries or major catastrophies!! Woo hoo!! The babysitting I'm doing has gone to full time, but I'm looking at it as a blessing for the income-and I'm also very blessed that the mom that I babysit for is very grateful and makes me feel appreciated! She pays on time, picks them up on time and is sweet about the whole thing...I know that sometimes babysitters get taken totally advantage of, and that is not the case here!! All the stuff we did today? Would not have happened if it hadn't been for my job!
We're also looking at our new homeschool materials for next year-which I will have much more choice in what I buy now!!

I promise more pics later...

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