Monday, July 9, 2007

Our **almost** all fun day!

Yesterday (July 8) we went to Fiesta Texas (a Six Flags theme park) with some friends-the people I babysit for. During this trip we found out that
A. Haley does not like long car rides
2. Jared does not like spinny, twisty roller coasters

We started our trip out at about 8:15 am (actually the time we'd planned on leaving! Woo hoo!)getting on the road with little trouble or fanfare. We stopped for breakfast at a fly-ridden McDonalds-which is why we ate very quickly (pretending it was a picnic-hey, those have flies, right??) and ran out of there-ewww...We'd wanted a real breakfast anyways, but there's not much between Corpus and San Antonio, so McDonalds it was. Then, Haley begins screaming as soon as we get back in the van. :( I finally nursed her while we were driving-a feat which my entire family thinks is hilarious as I have figured out how to hang my boob over the carseat-MOOOOOO! ;) During all this Jared and Lindsay were very happy watching their new Tom & Jerry DVD (except when they took a break every two minutes to ask why we were not there yet and were we aware that the day was half gone!?-ok, they get that from me as I don't like to "waste" time) We finally used the old stand-by "Don't make me turn this car around..." line that we were sure we'd never use when we were parents. So, because the ride was so enjoyble and gas is so cheap we took the long way **eyes rolling**. We finally get to the park and get parked (we've taken the opportunity of our long scenic drive to go ahead and eat our sandwiches so we don't have to get a $26 hamburger in the park) and go in. Now, at this point we have joined up with the other family and we now have 5 kids, a baby and 4 adults. (Our friends were so sweet to get us in free-with their season passes-and then insisted on paying for our drinks in the park! very nice of them!!!!) Cindy and I take the kids (all of them) to the kid area of the park and we let the men go to ride the big coasters (which I used to luuuuuuv but now have no burning desire to ride-ever. Another side effect of motherhood??) The kids were loving riding the smaller rides and on the rare occasion when Jared was too short to ride I told him since he had such a good attitude I'd give him a quarter for every ride he was not allowed to ride, I know silly, but he was so sweet about it... Then we meet back up with the men and decide that all of us except the other dad and Haley of course were going to ride the "Tony Hawk Big Spin"...this is touted as a family coaster (and each car even had 4 seats) so we took Jared and Linds and strapped ourselves in...for one lonnnnng ride (I'm sure in actuality it was only a minute to a minute and a half-but when you're watching your baby look very terrified and green it seems much longer) Poor Jared was absolutely terrified-and once it started there was NOTHING I could do. I don't even remember the ride really except that my baby boy needed me to get him off and I couldn't. :( :( :( I'm so surprised he did not throw-up or pass out. Poor baby thought they were going to make him ride it a second time because before they unload you they move your car all the way to the front of the line...He couldn't have taken it-I'm sure of this(and the pictures/video they take durning the entire ride confirmed I was not exaggerating how he looked during the ride) I guess I should say it was a full-fledged roller coaster with all the dips, hills, drops only the car also spins while you are going. The momentum of the ride makes it spin-uncontrollably. Phew...that was over and we headed for the water park (which by this time we needed) where we spent the rest of the day. Cindy and I took Haley and the men took the kids this time. :) All in all it was a very fun day. Haley was incredibly, unbelievably good during all this (except the driving part) and Linds had fun (although she didn't enjoy the Tony Hawk thing either-my impression of her experience is not as dramatic b/c I couldn't see her face) Harold definitely had fun...and we got home at 12:30 am-after eating at Taco Cabana on the way yome-yum!!!

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