Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This summer

This summer has drug on and on and yet it seems to be flying by too...We have one month left before our camping trip. (That is taking forever to get here) but Haley is getting sooo big, so it must be flying by, right? Haley-girl is now 5 1/2 mos old and is so fun (except the teething part). She is such a character and loves to watch her brother and sister-especially if they're being wild and crazy and on the verge of breaking something! She rolls everywhere, can sit up when she wants to and scooch-crawls (in other words it's crawling that involves rugburns on the forehead!) You almost can't hold her and do anything because she loves to grab everything! Plate of spaghetti?? Hope you have stain-remover! Sneak a bite of ice-cream out of the container? She's covered in ice-cream! Hmmm, how come all my things involve food?? Anyways, she's very grabby and curious. She wants to lick everything that she can reach with her little tongue! So cute-but so scary since we have so many little toys (legos, marbles, etc) all over our house these days!!
The kids are doing well. Our house has been in a state of upheaval this summer since I'm babysitting 3 kids (starting next week it's "just" 2 though) but they've handled it pretty well considering they're used to having mom all to themselves. Lindsay has lost her first top tooth (the bottom ones aren't so noticeable) so she's a little "snaggle-tooth" and Jared is getting so big and he has 2 loose teeth-but he could care less really! Isn't it funny how different kids are?? Linds can't stand the whole waiting game and Jared can't even remember which teeth to wiggle! :)
Our camping trip is planned for Aug 15th-19th but I made the mistake of googling "Water Moccasains"!!! :( They are apparently the only agressive water snake...so that's comforting. You'll know it's a water moccassain--as it's coming after you.!!! AAAAAHHHHH! I called the state park we're going to (Inks Lake-supposed to be gorgeous) and the girl that answered the phone said that in the 4 summers she's worked there although they do have them, there's never been an attack...yikes! What to do? I think I need to stay away from "google" as he is not my friend! Everytime I google anything I end up paranoid about something! I just keep telling myself that it willll be ok...really our odds are prob'ly pretty good...she said they don't usually hang around the swimming areas because of all the people-is that comforting? LOL Ok, I'm done babbling...here are some pictures I took of the kiddos on Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church :)
Lindsay was very proud of her new red dress...and Haley was wearing a "new" outfit. It's an adorable outfit that she's had since she was born (from Shelly) and hadn't gotten to wear yet!! The third picture is from sometime last week and true to form my son is picking at his nose (actually-he was scratching it but it sure looks like the typical picture where at least one kid is picking his nose, huh?)

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