Friday, July 13, 2007


I just wonder why children don't appreciate moms!? I wonder if God has some kind of plan in that...maybe we (as moms) are supposed to learn something from that. I know a lot of the things moms do are not "for" the children but for us (like mopping the floor-they could care less if their bare little feet stick in last week's kool-aid, right?) but they could at least see that we're doing it and CARE, right?

Yesterday Lindsay and I had a big to-do over homeschooling. They need to finish up a few little things (easy, fun workbooks I bought at Wal-Mart) to be ready for next year's curriculum...Well, she fought me every step of the way!? What in the world is the deal with that? I'd have loved those workbooks when I was a kid-I'd have finished the entire thing in a day or two! :p But I guess I'm a nerd. LOL Anyways, she fought me and fought me. I "threatened" to send her to public school **gasp** and she cried and cried ("You don't love me, you're screaming at me [I wasn't by the way] and you want to send me away to school"-Like I was sending her to a boarding school or something! LOL The drama in the life of a mama!) So, when Harold got home we talked about it with him and she finally came to realize (I think) that I'm doing this for her-not to her. I could easily and "cheaplier" send her to school. We told her of all the things I could be doing during the day when I'm choosing to try to give her the best I could (like relaxing, playing w/ Haley, going shopping, etc) and she seemed to get that... The funny thing is, she didn't want to watch tv or something, she wanted to read a library book. That's fine and good, but you have to know math too!! She already has a VERY HIGH reading level (I was reading over her shoulder one day and she was finishing pages before me!!) so I think her practice needs to be in other areas occasionally!!

Ok, I think I'm done with that rant! :) Here's a new picture of Haley-girl that I took yesterday!

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Tamara said...

Ahhh Cara cute picture of Haley....Blake is finally appreciating me.....but its the job neither one of us would give up right?

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