Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Come again some other day. Do you know how difficult it is to entertain 4 kids (used to be 5) and a baby when it rains all day?? LOL This is a problem I never thought I'd have living in South Texas. Usually we're in a drought-as in "don't wash your car, water your lawn or fill a kiddie pool unless it's your day"!! Now, it just won't quit. I do have to say though that our temperatures have been much more tolerable than our normal July ones! :) We've been mostly in the upper 80s, rather than mid to upper 90s!! So, be grateful for the small stuff, huh?

Well, my baby is now sitting up and putting herself on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. She's very intent on her "practice" too! The rocking is serious business-not just leisure activity! ;) She still has bouts of RBS (ok, honestly she exhibits definite symptoms most of the time) but is also soo sweet. Her hugs and kisses can feel quite rough, but she gives them freely :) Or is it that she's trying to tackle me and eat me?? I'm not Another batch of babystuff ready for garage sale (when we have a break in the weather! and can have one) which is sad but happy-as we have very little space to put all of this paraphenalia.

Jared and Lindsay are doing good. I hope they're getting ready and excited about our new school year!! :) They don't seem as excited as me about the new curriculum books sitting in the living room...hmmm, go figure. They are getting so grown up in so many ways that it amazes me. It seems like yesterday that they were Haley's age...
:( What happens to the years??

Ok, that completes my rambling for today-stay tuned for more, if you can stand it! :)


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