Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok, so this isn't what I look like while shopping. In fact it's not even close. Picture this: A woman who is looking very harassed. One child being worn (whether in the sling or the Bjorn...). One child being chased-because she was dumb enough to think that a stroller wasn't entirely necessary. It. Is. Trust me. Haley can make store managers ask them to leave no matter how much they promise to spend. Then the boy that is trailing along behind her (7 year old boys don't like shopping anyway) is tossing a football found in the store up and catching it. Only he didn't. Instead she is now the mother whose head has had a football bounced off of it in the checkout line at Old Navy. The 10 year old girl simply wants a chance to look at clothes and decide which outfits would best suit her and talk about those outfits. But, with all the chaos...the mother in the revised picture is not always very patient with the big girl.
Then, even though the mother learned her lesson and put the 2 year old in a stroller at the next store, the 2 year old often escapes the stroller or uses it as a stepstool to get clothing articles. But don't worry, the 7 year old boy will gladly snatch them from her and stubbornly and silently play tug-of-war with her over an article of clothing (that she wasn't actually causing any harm by looking at). But, she is not silent. She is screaming. Loudly.
The mother then decides that it's just not worth it to be in the store at all. The mother then leaves the store with a frown on her face and vows never to do that again. But she will. It's called insanity!


squirrelgirl said...

Ah yes. Insanity is hereditary, you know. You get it from your kids.

Six Wilsons said...

The good thing is once you've done it enough, you realize it really isn't worth it anymore. I actually have lost my love of shopping, keeps our spending down and my sanity level close to normal-yes, close to-not quite there, too many of those shopping trips under my belt to ever be "normal" again!

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