Monday, April 25, 2016

We're All a Little Bit "Two"

So, let's just get this straight. I LOVE two-year olds. Two year olds are so cute. They are little people who are developing their little personalities. And their attitudes. Attitudes.

 Image result for toddler free images tantrum      

If you've ever parented a toddler, you've seen these faces. Especially if you've been the blessed recipient of a strong willed toddler!

But let's be real. Don't you sometimes just want to make these same faces? And yell "Give me!" or "Mine!" or "Look at me!!!!" Or..."NOOOOOOO!!!!"

I know I do. I've come to the realization that we are all a little bit two. We've just learned to hide the "two". We just know it's not socially acceptable.

Sometimes you'll see the older people in your life revert to some of these behaviors. They might not look the same as the pictures above but the sentiment is there. And it may not be as cute. But let's get real. That's not the worst aspect of getting old-being able to be "a little bit two" again. Oh, and naps.

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