Sunday, May 20, 2007

If it's not one thing...

it's another.
Today, after we just recently borrowed the money from some very generous friends to fix the a/c in our van-and of course we haven't even started paying that back yet -something else went out on it. Granted it was something "cheap" (in the world of car parts anyway) but it's so frustrating. Harold was going to go air up the tires and the van would not start! It just made this awful "clicking" sound. We figured out it was the battery-and in looking for the up-side to this situation we decided it could've been much worse. It could've happened when I was alone with the kids-in Corpus at that. Or even at a time when Harold wouldn't have had time to fix it. "Luckily" it happened on a Sunday afternoon, nice weather, at home... I am glad for that, but can we have a break on car problems now? Or anything money related for that matter???
On top of that I've been struggling with homeschooling. My heart is not in it lately. I'm tired of being the "bad guy" all day. If my kids have a bad day at school (you know, the teacher was mean or something) I can't comfort them-I am the mean teacher. I just want to enjoy them sometimes-not direct them and be everything to them. I know part of the problem is that I have had no breaks in a long time, but I guess that's just motherhood, huh? I don't think I'm struggling so much with having 3 kids as much as all the hats I'm wearing lately-and by the way, if a stay at home mom is worth 138k per year-can I just say where is that $$?? I would settle for 1/10 of that! ;)
I guess I've complained enough. It's pretty obvious what kind of mood I'm in lately. :( But, this too shall pass, right? That's the mantra (and the lesson I've learned over the past 7 years) of a mom to keep her sane...

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