Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why oh why??

Haley and Lindsay reading together!

pulling up in her crib

Pulling up on a folding chair (never a good idea):

Why can't I have a happy little blob baby!? My baby is happy, but far from the little passive thing that lays there happy to be where you put her! She must go and conquer at all times. At 6 (and almost a half) months she is already crawling (full blown for real) and is pulling up so that I had to lower the mattress on her crib and take down her mobile and otherwise "safety it up"! Just a bit ago she was standing up holding onto something and tried to let go...of course she plopped down on her bottom, but oh my gosh! Already?? We go to the pediatrician tomorrow to find out just how much she weighs...I'm very curious. My guess is about 18 lbs. (She was almost 16 lbs at 4 mos). She's definitely bigger than Lindsay was but worlds smaller than her brother. But in every other area she is 100% Haley! She has her own little personality. She's funny and gets "tickled" about lots of things (most recently by playing "This little piggy")She sometimes eats really well and othertimes clamps her little mouth shut and will even put her hand up to block the food! Hmmm, maybe she is picking up some attitude from her siblings!? :P
I'm attaching a few pictures of her from recently...And don't get me wrong, I'm happy she's so healthy and's just that I thought I had a little more time to "babyproof" for safety-and get the kids used to keeping all legos, etc put away!

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Tamara said...

SOB SOB I hear ya,.,,,,its going toooo fast....but she is so adorable

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