Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jared and Linds

We went on a really neat fieldtrip this week to the Pickle factory! The person in the picture is called a "Picklesmith" he is the head honcho at the pickling factory and was wonderful at explaining to the kids what they do. He inspired us and next year (spring) we are going to try to grow some pickling cucumbers and play around with the process! How cool is that? :)

At American Heritage Girls this week Lindsay got to be part of the colorguard! She got to carry the American Flag and put it in it's stand. This was her first time as you have to be in full uniform to get to do this. She looked so cute! I was proud of her!

For Halloween the kids dressed up as a cowboy and a 50's girl. They were very good about not asking for expensive costumes. And it was their first time trick-or-treating. The most fun though was that we went to some friends' house and there were lots of kids and lots of good grown-up company! We had fun-and I'm usually a "Halloween scrooge".

We also got to go on a field trip to see a "tall ship" (that's what they called it) named "USS Elissa". This was a cargo ship from long ago that has been completely redone. It was a neat field trip and the kids really enjoyed it. Here is Jared steering the ship. What fun they had with that!

And here is Linds steering on her turn. See, who says we stay home and the kids get no social interaction or variety?? We have lots of fun!!! (We've prob'ly been on 7 or 8 field trips this year!)

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