Monday, January 21, 2008

Schizophrenic spending...

Why do I do this? Lately I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off (wonder where that saying came from??) just doing the "normal" things I call life. When it dawns on me that it's almost time for the tax refund!!! Woohoo! How can I spend it? My mind starts reeling (I think about this off and on starting the minute the previous year's is spent) and I come up with many ways:
1. Redo Jared's room (which he's perfectly happy with)-new furniture and all
2. Redo our master bathroom (totally gut it and start over)
3. Finish redoing the hall bath (replace the toilet) and while I'm at it I prob'ly should learn how to "skim" walls (ie: make the texture go away and "re-drywall" it) which I've never in my life attempted...Oh, and I'm tired of the deco in there...must redo that too.
4. Don't forget the homeschool materials for next year (never mind that my real estate taxes pay about $800-900 to the local school system to buy books for other kids) which will cost at least $400 and I prob'ly won't like half of what I get
5. Pool pass for the summer so that I'll know what to do with these kids while we're not doing school.
6. Vacation money...
7. A shed to make into a school room

Now, lest you think we get back $20k...we don't. Sigh So, I will have to prioritize. Oh yeah, where was I?
This weekend we decided (ok, I decided and hubby got mad and then took on "if you can't beat her join her" attitude) to completely empty out Jared's room and start painting (well, priming since I have no idea what color I want to paint the room or even what the "theme" will be). I get everyone in there and we strip off his wallpaper (well, border). All this was decided because we picked up his new bed. You can't have a new bed w/o a new room (in case you didn't know this). Now, we have no idea what to do past the primer coat and all of his stuff is in the garage (clothing and all since he has no dresser). Now, if this post seems scatterbrained that's because it is about this project I've taken on. And it is definitely scatterbrained. We decided to go to Target and find something to put in his room (bedding). All this time I'm fighting the urge to start purchasing things for the hall bathroom and start stripping the border in that room. I know without a doubt that my dear dear husband will have a fit if I start on that room in the middle of the first room. So, I don't voice this idea.
Oh, and last week I bought a scrap book! I've never tried that before and had some extra money (ha-not) and thought I could not live w/o this particular scrap book (and surely I'll never find one like it again). And I have all this extra time on my hands so I need a hobby! (Ha again) And scrapbooking is a cheap hobby, right? (can you hear the ha coming??)
Ok, so to recap...I am homeschooling my children by day, taking care of the baby by day and night, supposed to be keeping the house clean and the family in clean clothing, preparing nutritious meals that everyone enjoys, and soccer starts again soon. Now, I am scrapbooking, finishing Jared's room, redoing both bathrooms, looking for homeschooling materials and finding out about permits and city codes for the building we want to put said materials in...
When I get all of this done I will post pictures of the happy family in the happy new rooms!!!


mainehappymama said...

You are a multi-tasking diva. Isn't it amazing how many things you are doing at once when you actually stop and take stock of it all?

Kristen said...

Holy Moly! I am exhausted just reading your post! I just started thinking about what we were doing with the money and I just want to save save save.

Tina said...

You are NUTS!!!! Calm down and really think about all that money your going to spend on making the bedrooms look a little cuter. Do you really want to do all that work. I have always admired your energy (you keep going and going and going). Go shopping and have a little fun. That's what life should be about some of the time. Go to Disney World. Go to Hawaii. Remodeling is not that fun and you'll probably be the only one who appreciates it. Go to a spa and chill woman.

Tamara said...

wow you have more energy than the energizer money cant wait to see what you do with it all...although Hawaii does sound fun like Tina suggested...LOL

Tamara said...

R you so busy remodeling that we cannot hear from you?????MISS YOU POST POST POST

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