Monday, July 27, 2009

Been a While...

Ok, so I know it's been a while. I don't know why, I just haven't felt in the blogging mood. So, this will be a quick overview of all of our news! (well, the stuff I can remember)

Haley is POTTY TRAINED! Woohoo!! I really thought it would be a real mess (pun intended) because she is so strong willed. Blessedly, the only "strong will" she gave us was that Lindsay had to do most of it. No skin off my neck. ;) I don't believe in pull-ups (other than sleepy times) so we went full on panties and it went great. Basically, it took one day! Other than that we've had maybe 4 "oopses"-and that's weeks we're talking about! Yay Haley! (and thank you Lindsay!)

Our newest addition is.......

a BOY!!!!!! We're so excited. We were all really hoping for a boy to round things out but didn't want to say it for fear that if it was a girl we'd feel bad. Now, we don't have to worry about's definitely a boy! :)

Sadly, we lost a bunny. Saturday (July 25) Jared's bunny was having some "free time" in the back yard and he got a little panicked and in his panic and hurry to flee...he broke his leg. I called a vet who takes calls on the weekend (love this vet! hope to change to him all the time!) and he was kind but honest with me...the prognosis was not good. Apparently bunnies do not handle procedures well because they are just not easy to work on and often die with anesthesia. So, we took the bunny in on Sunday morning (after he assured us all would be okay overnight) where he met us while feeding the animals at his office...and the news was not good. I was loathe to do it but we put the bunny to sleep. A very sad moment for mommy and Jared but I know it was the right decision. Thankfully I had prepared him for this possibility and we know that he would very likely have ended up in severe pain (the way the break was it would've gotten caught on something and ended up making the bone come through the skin). We all miss Lightning...And we have our first animal grave in the backyard (well, aside from the hermit crab buried...another story). I hope there aren't too many of these. This is the hard stuff of parenting...not the all-nighters that I thought were hard.

A couple more little things:

My sister in law is trying to hold in two babies for at least a few more weeks, so my mom went to Florida to help ease the load of caring for their two year old while my brother works...

My school room is now started!!!! Yay! The framing was started yesterday and I'm so excited!

This was the best I could find in the way of photo ops so far (b/c it just looks like some boards in my garage--but boy does that wood smell good! Yay!)


gina said...

So many exciting things you reported!

That is a potty training MIRACLE!! I'm going to just copy you and that method of straight to "big-boy-pants" and no pull-ups -That is on my agenda for this Fall. My toddler's time has come.

A BABY BOY! How wonderful! I'm so happy for you. I love boys. (still waiting for a girl but love LOVE love having boys.)

Prayers for your sister in law - what a great Mom to go ease her burden. Moms are so great.

School House Rock!! School Room Makeover Magic! How fun for you. Keep posting pics of the process.

Anonymous said...

congrats on your boy, so exciting!

and so sorry for the loss of your bunny.

squirrelgirl said...

YAY Haley! Awesome news on the potty training! Congrats on the baby boy; he will be a perfect addition to your family. Be sure to let us know when you pick a name. I'm so sorry about the bunny; we lost both of ours a few months ago - also because of that fragile species thing. They have heart attacks at the drop of a hat, I tell you! Glad the school room is underway, can't wait to follow the progress. Don't be such a stranger!

Kristen said...

I forgot to respond to you about your SIL. Babies after 30 weeks generally do very well. Congrats on your school room!

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