Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Remnants of a Baby

I've noticed Haley is really growing up. Kids have a tendency to do that-whether we give them permission or not. (I've learned this with my older two.)
Despite some of her very grown-up behaviors, such as speaking in sentences-often with some cheekiness, being fully potty trained, and very definite (voacalized) opinions-about clothes, food and many other things...the other night I was sitting in the rocking chair in her room (long story, it's the way we've come up with to get her to sleep w/ the least amount of trauma for all involved) reading my book by booklight I realized that I smelled baby soap. Where is that coming from? Oh! My hands! I had bathed Haley just minutes before. I just sat in that chair and inhaled the baby-ness of that smell. I'm sure it would bring a more heartbreaking feeling if it weren't for the little one on the way.

So, I will take heart in these little evidences that there is still baby present in my baby. Even though she does know who "Hanna 'Tana" is (that is Hannah Montana).

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Jenny said...

Don't you just love that smell. I still bathe Logan and Grace with Baby wash and I love it.

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