Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have not really had much to report lately-but that could be considered a good thing, right? Yesterday (Friday, August 14) I went to my regular OB check-up to see how the baby and I are doing. Good news? I stayed under the weight of a baby elephant! Yay for me! The baby is doing good and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dr. I just cannot even say that enough. She is the best. She is so excited over the little stuff-the stuff that most obstetricians are "over" that it reminds me to be excited as well. When she hears that little heart beating on her doppler...she gets the biggest smile and kind of bobs her head to it. She sits and talks to me about whatever I want to talk about and tells me funny stories. I do NOT have to chase her down the hall to ask her any questions I might have concerning me or the baby or anything else! It's just plain awesome! Plus, I usually get out all by myself for these appointments. How could I not love it! ;) I also got some good news at my appointment. The hospital we went to with Haley and will go to with this little one has a policy of taking the baby to the nursery for his/her first bath, Vitamin K shot and all that good stuff (assessments, etc) and we went along with it. Not knowing that we had an option. My (new) dr told me that we don't have to do that! She gave me a paper with instructions on it on how to keep the baby with us at all times! I'm so excited about that. I will not have to A) Be left alone for hours while Harold goes and watches over the baby in the nursery B) Miss out on his first bath, etc like I did with Haley.

I am 21 weeks and 5 days today (Saturday, Aug 15). I have approximately 16 weeks to go-so way over half-way done!

We have tons of stuff for our little guy-clothes, the beginnings of a cloth diaper stash,

a carseat, a swing (only I got it at a resale shop for $55 rather than $139!), and a high chair! Plus we still have our crib from Haley. So, we're getting there! Oh, and it's almost time to break out the cradle-one of the few things I've intentionally saved from the very beginning of our parenthood journey. I had planned to save it for my grandchildren, but it may very well be worn out by then! But that's ok!

It's also time to start school. School room finished or not. We'll just have to move in when it's done. The kids are ready (Lindsay admits it, Jared not so much) and we need to get a move on since we don't know what this year will hold (with the baby coming and all). I've been working on our lesson plans and I think I've got a pretty good handle on it. It's going to be a challenging year for all of us to be sure. Each child is doing 2 math curricula this year-wasn't sure how transition them from one to another so we're going to plow through both. That sounds thorough, right? And a new History curriculum. It requires a little more of me as a teacher but hopefully will also elicit some excitement and hands on learning for the kids as they journey through time.


gina said...

Your doctor sounds wonderful! You are very blessed to have found one like that.

Half-way there! That is exciting. Fall will come - things will cool off - school busy-ness and before you know it that sweet baby will be in your arms.

I should send you all my sweet baby boy stuff. Bought it brand new for our little surprise caboose -who hardly wore any of it..... (I Spent 7 years trying to have (him) another - no success... finally gave up and gave everything away.) Of course, got pregnant months after giving it all away!

Actually, it was fun to get new stuff. Times had changed - gear and styles are more fun now. It makes for a funny story.

carebear7951 said...

LOL Gina-if you read this...our story is kind of funny too. I was going to tell you it here, but I think I will make it my next blog post! :) God has really shown me how little control I have over things in my live through my reproductive life! :)

Jenny said...

I am glad that you love your Dr so much. That makes the world of difference. Having c-sections, I missed out on both of my kids first baths. Matt got to see them, but I was restricted to the bed. Fortunately, Matt got Logan's on video. We have pictures of Grace's.

Yay for new baby boy stuff! It is so exciting. I just love those diapers!

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