Saturday, August 22, 2009

I. Must. Get. Some. Sleep.
Yes, I do get to sleep some. But not enough. Between the aches and pains of pregnancy (yes, I know it's a blessing to be carrying this life inside of me, but sometimes it's still uncomfortable) and my daughters, I feel like a zombie every morning. I also feel irritated and snappy at them. Not at Jared-he sleeps in his bed. In his lifetime I don't think he's woken me as many times as the girls do in a month's time.
When I hear people talk of their 1 month old sleeping through the night I just want to scream. Haley is 2 1/2 and Lindsay is 9 1/2. When do my babies sleep through the night?
Our solution "for now" (over a year ago) was to allow Haley to come into our bed in the middle of the night if that's what she needed. It was going great. She wouldn't come in til after 3 am biggie. The problem? She's moved it up to 12am. Yes. That's right before I fall asleep. So, no sleeping without a child in between us. Kicking us. Slapping us. Crying out in her sleep.
Then, the 9 year old wakes and finds that she is "alone" (ummm, our house is 1000 square feet in total!?) so she comes in and makes a pallet on the floor. So, during my 90th trip to the bathroom during the night, I trip over her.
This all makes for a VERY. LONG. NIGHT. in our house. And for one tired, grumpy mama.

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