Friday, November 20, 2009

I Love A Rainy Night

or day (but that's not a song)...

In South Texas we rarely have a truly rainy day. They do come in spells but we are usually in drought mode. And the days are usually long and sunny and hot and blazing. My grandpa would love this. He HATES rain and hates even more when it's dreary...but when that's all you ever see and feel-is the blazing sun, you get to where you long for a dreary rainy day and to see the water pouring from Heaven to give life to what's on earth.

We've had a hugely rainy day (after a very rainy night)-so much so that we're all going to get out our Bibles and look for the instructions for building an ark. But it sure does make for a cozy day when you don't have to go anywhere. The kids are not aching (and belly-aching) to get outdoors to play-thereby leaving schoolwork in the dust. Napping with Haley on a dark and dreary day is just what the doctor ordered for this tired mama. Awesome napping day! There, there's something positive. :) :) :)

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