Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Appointment

My dr laughed at me. She really did. This is after my mom laughed at me.
When I first went in the doctor asked me how I was feeling, I asked her for my epidural. Now.
When she measured me she said I am measuring 40 weeks (remember, I am 34). I asked her what we were waiting on-I thought she should walk me right on over to the hospital. Then we could get my first request taken care of and get this show on the road. She, unfortunately, did not agree with my course of treatment for this "condition" I have.

In positive news though...I only weigh 105 pounds. Seriously. That's what the girl that weighs you and checks your blood pressure and directs you to the potty to pee in a cup told me! Who am I to argue...I had my back to the scales...she could've been telling the truth, right? My blood pressure was good...

Here's the gist of the whole appointment: Looking good, baby is really big, let's see him in ultrasound in two weeks. Chuckle Chuckle. No, really I'm laughing because you're so cute. You're not fat anywhere but have a huge baby in front. Really? Ugh. She just couldn't see the backside of me due to the front side taking up her entire field of vision.

My mom pointed out that my breast reduction is looking great. (No, I did not have surgery...my belly has reduced them to less than normal proportions).

**in case you didn't get the humor, I really didn't expect to be walked to the hospital and delivered at 34 weeks, despite my discomfort-and to be quite frank, fear of how big this baby will be-I do NOT want him taken any earlier than need be. That will be at 38 weeks.


Jules said...

You look gorgeous to me, Cara! I remember with Mikey that feeling of wanting it to be over. I can't wait to meet the newest edition!


Colleen said...

You look great and big and healthy is better than little and not. Hope the next 4 weeks fly by and Nathan arrives easily.

squirrelgirl said...

LOL! You and the baby will be just fine until he decides to make his appearance. Meanwhile, you DO look good and I'm sorry you don't feel better than you do.

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