Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby News

Well, the baby will now be here tomorrow morning most likely. If not sooner! I had a horrible appointment with a "specialist" that I won't go into. It's done. He's not nice and I wouldn't ever go back to him. That's all I'll say about that.

I went to my dr today (more cervix talk here...there's your warning) and I am now walking around dilated to 5 cm. If you don't already know...that means I am half way there. Holy cow! In the past I went from 0-10 in about 4 1/2-5 hours. This baby is coming whether any doctor wants to induce at 37 weeks and 2 days or not. The issue we discussed at my doctor's office this morning (so glad she's back from vacation as I LOVE LOVE LOVE her-she treats me with dignity and like I have a brain! Thank you Dr Nowitzky!) was we can either induce it and have him born at 37 weeks in the hospital where they can check him out...or at home. Where they can't. Or even worse than at home...in my car! It is a real concern since I have had them so quickly in the past and this one is number 4!

Now, the guess is to see how big this baby is. I'm guessing he'll be born before 10am. And I think that he'll weigh between 8 lbs 12 oz and 9 lbs 2 oz. I can't wait to meet him. I had the realization an hour or so ago that at this time tomorrow I will be nursing this baby and holding him in my arms rather than my poor stretched out belly!!!


Angie said...

Yikes!!! So exciting Cara! This time tomorrow he'll be here and that's amazing!! Good luck, you'll do great!! Can't wait to "meet" your little guy! (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear an update and see some pictures!

squirrelgirl said...

Excitedly awaiting the update!

Colleen said...

From FB I hear Nathan arrived at 10:50 weighing 9lbs 7oz.

gina said...

I'm so happy for you!!! By the time you read this - you WILL have your little baby. Hope everything went well and that you are feeling better. Can't wait to hear the details and to see pictures.

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