Friday, December 18, 2009

Perfectionist No More!

Oh, I still have ideals in my head about how things *should* be. But I am realistic enough to know that I can't do it all now. Not that I could before, but I sure tried-and drove my family crazy in the process.

In years past I might have gone all over town looking for cute hats and making sure the kids matched and had haircuts within the previous 3 months. Oh and found the perfect spot to take the picture...for an outcome something like this:

This year my Christmas pictures look something like this:

Ok, that was not a facsimile, but the actual thing. No Christmas clothes or hats or even colors this year. Didn't even pose them in front of the Christmas tree (that was decorated entirely by the children and looks nicely imperfect-you know the look, globs of ice-cicles in some places and none in the others, some ornaments not even used-what's up with the discrimination of ornaments??? but it looks like a happy tree! Isn't that what counts? Martha Stewart would not be impressed, but hey, she was in prison for a while. I wasn't impressed with that! Oh, and our angel has lost her lights. I have had the same angel since we got married and she has finally stopped lighting up for us. :( But I'm emotionally vested in her. She's part of us now.

And you know how you can buy small extension cords for your Christmas needs? Why would you want that small, unobtrusive green cord when you can have coils of large,orange heavy duty extension cord piled up behind your tree? THAT is the look for this year. I'm *almost* convinced myself. Maybe I'll just hide it behind a pile of folded (but not yet put away) laundry! That will help, right?

All this to say, "Okay God! I get it! I am not in control of everything and everything can't be perfect or even close to perfect! Please stop teaching me these lessons...I promise. I've learned my lesson!"


Kendra plus 2 said...

We're going with the large coiled extension cord look ourselves this year. As for Christmas pics, we don't have any. Happy Holidays!

squirrelgirl said...

I think your Christmas picture is great. You have 4 beautiful, healthy children. Who cares what they're wearing or where they're sitting???

carebear7951 said...

Meredith-Thanks for the's all in perspective, huh?

Kendra-LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only one with the large coiled ext cord. :/

Cara said...

We sent out pictures taken in September, in short sleeve shirts, with only half of us looking at the camera this year! People still love them and I didn't have to stress, it's all good :) (Had to check out your blog since you spell your name right ;) )

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