Monday, May 31, 2010


So, lately I've been totally addicted to "House Hunters" (via Hulu because we don't subscribe to cable). This show, while inspiring to me, makes me wonder several things.

1. Do people know what the word "need" (or "necessity") mean? Really? Or maybe I'm the one that's wrong. I just looked it up and found that it's associated with the word "want". I expected to find something to the effect of "required for life". These people (house hunters) are in "neeeeeed" of like 1500 square feet per person. A giant back yard...yada yada yada. We have 6 people in our family. Our house is 1000 square feet. I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls but of varying ages. I could say I "neeeeed" 5 bedrooms, right? Surely a 10 year old girl should not share a room with a 3 year old girl...and an 8 year old boy with an infant? *Gasp*! And there was a time when I really, really wanted a bigger house. Really. Then I realized several things:
A. A bigger house means a bigger house payment.
B. A bigger house means more furniture.
C. A bigger house means more room to collect things we don't need.
D. Eventually I will have 3 children at home, then 2, then 1 and
surely at some point we will be empty nesters, right? With need of
maybe an office room and 1 room for guests or grandkids. Then what do
you do? Sell the big monstrosity of a house?
Now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't take a bigger house if it was financially "easy" to do. I would. Maybe. But, it's not a "need". There are pros and cons. I need food (although not quite as much as I usually eat). I need clothing. I need water. And I need air conditioning. Ok, maybe not, but I do. And shelter. And you know what? Our 1000 square foot house provides shelter (and air conditioning too!)

2. Do those people realize that paint is available? They will walk into a house and LOVE everything but some color choices. And it's a deal breaker. Hmmm. Maybe I'm a little spoiled there because I have a dad that is a contractor/carpenter (in fact he is, on this holiday weekend, building a privacy fence for us because we need it. Yes we do. We have a mean, ugly neighbor. I don't want her looking at my children with her evil-ness. And the words that come out of her mouth? Not nice words.) Anyways, so my dad has redone...almost everything. My master bath was super duper ugly and only a 1/2 bath. I now have a nice, pretty full bath (there was a big closet in a shower). New flooring, new kitchen, school room...etc, etc! But come on. Anyone can paint, right?

3. The word space has synonyms. gives these:
space, extension, extent, superficial extent, expanse, stretch; room, scope, range, field, way, expansion, compass, sweep, swing, spread., latitude, play., spare room, elbow room, house room; stowage, roomage, margin; opening, sphere, arena., open space, free space; void (absence); waste; wildness, wilderness; moor, moorland; campagna., abyss (interval); unlimited space; infinity; world; ubiquity (presence); length and breadth of the land., proportions, acreage; acres, acres and perches, roods and perches; square inches, square yards; ares, arpents. See? You can use other words.

4. And one last thing. A $750,000 house with large amounts of "space" and huge vaulted ceilings and exquisite detail is not "nice" with a bored undertone. Seriously. And if I ever get that "spoiled"? Someone shoot me.

Oh, and I am amazed at the differences of prices around this country! In some places you can get 790 square feet of condo/townhome for $550k. In other areas? $150k will buy you a really nice house with lots of "space" and "flow" and room for "entertaining" (lots of key words on the show).

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squirrelgirl said...

I'm with you. My house is bigger than yours, but a lot smaller than is typical for my peers here in this area. My house is also older (1988) compared with said peers (2000-and-newer). I used to be embarrassed to have people over because things were not new and fancy, but I got over it. Does my house need work? You betcha - it's a perpetual work in progress. But my home is functional and comfortable. I have a large piece of property to give us space from the neighbors, and I like my location (ie, close but not too close to town). I have learned to be grateful for what I have and not "expect something better", because really, as long as I have a loving family in my home, what else do I really need?

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