Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And He's Off!!!

Nathan has started crawling! It's probably been happening sporadically and "imperfectly" for about a week, maybe two. I think the laminate (hardwood look) floors (which were installed partly for Lindsay's allergies) has really slowed him down. He HATES to crawl on them. And I don't blame him. Poor guy. When we take him to our room (it still has carpet), he loves it! He crawls, scoots and pulls up! Yep, he's also pulling up! It's really funny, all of my babies have crawled within a week or two of turning 7 months! You'd think there would be more variation with 4 children. And 2 of them (the boys) being so much bigger than the other two. Nope. And at the rate he's going with pulling up and stuff...I'll bet he'll walk right on track with his brother and sisters too. Right around 10 months seems to be the magic number in our house! But, one thing at a time. It's all going way too quickly as it is.

A guy's gotta rest his knees. Those floors are killer!

**and just don't you worry about it if you see any dirt or clutter. I really took that sweet poem to heart. You know, the one about "Quiet down cobwebs...dust go to sleep...I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep"?
Or at least that sounds like a good reason for our messy house. ;) Truly it's because I didn't spend all day today cleaning and picking up. Never resting. Some days I can do that...some days I choose not to.


Kendra plus 2 said...

OMGoodness! Look at those legs. Squeezeable!

Jules said...

Good grief. He is ENORMOUS! Was Jared that big? You have to spill the details--weight, clothing size, height. He is such a little chunker I just want to squeeze him and eat him up! SO CUTE.

squirrelgirl said...

Funny, I noticed those delicious legs, too! I can't believe your kids all crawl and walk so early, that's impressive!

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