Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Beach

The beach is still full of sand. Who knew it? :) We went to the beach today with some great friends (to celebrate his 40th birthday...since when did I get old enough that my peers are "over the hill"? Yikes!) and we had fun...but there's just so much sand. Everywhere. And Nathan thought it was yummy. Try to give him applesauce...nope! He looks at you like you've given him poison. Try to give him green beans...Uh uh! But sand? "Bring it on! Can I have some more please?"

Then we find out...supposedly...that when dogs go to the beach they will eat sand...and DIE! *Gasp!* So, we'll be watching for normal amounts of poop for several days now. To make sure he didn't clog himself up with a sand bag. Oy.

And I still plan on keeping him. Even though he eats sand. I say this because the other day we were at the library and Haley was loving on him and asked me "Mom, are we going to keep this baby forEVER?" Yep, Haley. I think we will.

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