Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mall Musings

Today I took my entire brood (and my mom) and went to the mall. Now, there are several reasons why some might have considered this silly insane. A. I have 4 children. (more about what that's done for my shopping habit later) and

B. The weather today. We were (according to someone with radar or something goofy like that) under all sorts of weather warnings-in relation to Tropical Storm (or hurricane?) Alex. Whatever. I've let the weather dictate my comings and goings a few times. And it never is as bad as they say it's going to be. Oh, I know I should take it seriously. I know that Hurricanes can be very scary. And tornadoes? They are no fun to be around. And flooding? Very dangerous. But I get terribly sick of letting that kind of stuff dictate when I can and cannot go somewhere. (We won't even talk about how I feel about snow and ice and not being able to go anywhere...thankfully that's a non-issue where I live!) My mom was *slightly* concerned but I told her to turn off her tv (with it's dire predictions) and get ready if she wanted to go. I guess she wanted to go. And you know what? No tornadoes. No flooding. Just some rain. A little heavy at times but nothing that wouldn't be considered just rain. I'm fully aware that it could've turned out very differently...but let's face it, the mall is prob'ly much sturdier than my house, right? And if, while we were in said mall, something happened to blow on my van and destroy it...well, I have "gap" insurance. I'd get a new van...for a lower payment. Win win for me! :)

The 4 children thing. Now, there's a problem. (with shopping that is-because I love my children dearly and would never consider them a "problem"). The "new" mall (completely redone-which was why I wanted to go in the first place) is very nice! It has tons of neat stores in it...but none that an 8 year old boy likes. Hmmm. Why? Oh yeah. Because it's clothing. So, being bored like he was, he decided to do some kind of stunt and jump (as in bound like Tigger) up onto a bench in Aeropostle. The whack he gave his shin...was heard 'round the...well, the mall at least. (The kind of pain that you can only words will come. Especially if you are only 8 and don't know the words that most people might say when faced with that pain. He also (to my brother, not to me) commented on the Victoria's Secret poster..."Nice" he said. Oy vey.
My 10 year old girl. She loves her some mall-time. But wants only to go in Justice (for girls). Thankfully, at this point at least, we share the same basic thoughts on modesty and such. Her biggest concern is COMFORT.
Haley...she was still just Haley. But actually she did pretty well. Other than the expected sudden neeeeed to go potty in the middle of a store that didn't have one. No biggie.
Nathan. He's heavy. And the sling helps but he's still H-E-A-V-Y. And he prefers his nap in a crib. Not in the sling. Or in the stroller.
I told my husband (while petitioning for my 3rd child) that it would curb my shopping habit. He didn't believe me (and truthfully, neither did just sounded good). But little did either of us know that it was true. And when the 4th came along as our little pretty much KILLED my shopping habit. But it's okay.
I'm their mom and that's better than shopping any day! (Very easy to say when they're all tucked neatly in their beds. Smelling of baby soap. Well, the little ones smell like baby soap. But you knew that.)

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