Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Vacation

I've tried several times to write/post this...and haven't yet come up with something I'm happy enough with. Let's try one more time.
The plan was to go to Disney World this year for vacation. We were going to go in late February (or early, early March) because that's when most of the world is in school...and it's not hotter than Hades. Then, my kids asked to go see my grandma and grandpa instead. Wow. What great kids I have. They traded Disney World and Florida for time with family! So, rather than Florida in February we started planning for Kansas City (MO) in April. You see, I'm not dumb enough to travel to Missouri in February. Or March. Snow happens in those months. It does. (We got snowed in in Kansas City on Spring Break my 8th grade year! It was awful!)
We were so excited. Immediately I started finding things for us to do there. Fun things. For the kids-ha ha! (I laugh because at the end of it all I reflected and realized the kids would've been happy to play outdoors at my aunt's house and swim in the hotel pool. We totally could've saved hundreds of dollars!)
There is so much to do in the Kansas City area that we couldn't have done it all if we had 3 weeks and endless finances. And we had neither.
Just a few of the things we found to do:
1. Union Station (which hosts Science City and an IMAX type theater)

2. Museums galore! Steamboat Arabia Museum as well as many dedicated to the Westward Movement (much of which "started" in Independence MO).I think this stuff (the pioneer stuff) was of more interest to Lindsay and me than anyone else. She, like me, loves Little House on the Prarie.

3. Penguin Park-I loved this park when I was a kid!

4. The Kansas City Zoo

5. Kaleidescope (which I have no idea how to spell apparently) I went there as a kid on field trips with school though. It's a very cool place for kids who like to create art without "instructions"...I'm much better with patterns and instructions. My kids? They are more..."free-spirited"!

6. Bass Pro Shop

And those are just some of the things we actually did! There are so many more: Worlds of Fun,Deanna Rose Farmstead, Paradise Park, tons of culture at Crown Center and all around it,
Coco Key Water Resort, shopping and tons more!

But, lest this sound like a travel brochure for the State of Missouri or the Kansas City area...the best part of the whole trip was this:

Don't mind that I appear to be an Oompah Loompah. I almost didn't put up that oh-so-unflattering picture of myself. But then I decided it was a precious memory...fat or not.
and my only regret? That we spent time and money trying to do as many things as possible...when we could've spent more time just being with family. The kids would've been just as happy to hang out and play more of the time.


Anonymous said...

looks like fun!!

squirrelgirl said...

It's so hard to strike a balance when you've got such a wide age range (including the adults!) Looks like you had loads of fun, and next time you'll plan a little differently. And if you DO make it to Florida/Disney, please let me know ahead of time. As much as I hate Disney, I'm not averse to meeting up with frineds from afar, or welcoming them to our unique little part of the Nature Coast. There's lots to do here and it's a nice break from the hectic world of the Mouse.

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