Monday, June 7, 2010

He's Mobile!

I do not understand why some people don't like walkers. I do not understand how some governments have outlawed them. Seriously? My kid, my rules. The thing is, it's parents who use these types of toys irresponsibly that ruin it for everyone. Ummmmmm. Of course you must still watch your child. It's not a babysitter. It's a toy. Yeah, you don't leave them near hot things (we don't burn our children til a little later in life). And don't leave them near the stairs (thank goodness we don't have any-for multiple reasons). And don't let your preschooler-or older children-push them through the house like a little Mario Andretti. And don't leave the dishwasher open with knives in it...because they can reach it. But you know what? Those are things you shouldn't do with your little one whether he is in a walker or not. Right?
The walker actually helps me a little. There are often small objects on my floor that I can't find (but the baby can). The walker keeps these away from him.
Oh, and thus far my children's development has never been negatively impacted by this device. 2 of my first 3 children used walkers (we didn't have one with Haley because we were GIVEN an exersaucer! Can't get better than that!) and all 3 children crawled at 7 mos and walked at 10 mos. Not bad.

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Taylor Party of 4 said...

Couldn't agree more! What a cutie!

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