Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Favorite Moment

I wasn't sure what I was going to title this post or how I would handle's not really a joking matter, and yet I just kept thinking of Johnny Cash and his song "Ring of Fire". Then, I remembered my friend Jules and her "favorite moment" thing that she has promised me she loves when other people I decided to put this under that heading.

My baby girl, during our camp out this weekend with Lindsay's scouting troop (American Heritage Girls), fell into the campfire ring. Blessedly, she did not fall into the flames. However, she did get some horrible burns. I cannot even describe the horror from the moment I saw her wobble and go down til the terror, pain-stricken screaming subsided.

Now, let me explain why this is under "favorite moment". Because I'm sure it seems quite the strange way of categorizing a moment like this. (And then I will update and even have some pictures of my pathetic little bandaged baby) We were camping with a group of families that I didn't know all that well. I knew they seemed nice and I like visiting with most of them that I've had the opportunity to visit with. The minute the screaming (from me, our friends we shared the campsite with and Haley) ensued people just surrounded us with love and support. From physically helping us to get the burns cooled down with water and cold, wet cloths, to holding me when I felt like collapsing to taking us to the hospital so we would not have to drive in our emotional condition to (ESPECIALLY) the prayers that surrounded us (from beginning to end and still going). The support and love was phenomenal!!! That is why this is a favorite moment. So often, these days are so busy and harried that we don't take time to put ourselves out and be emotionally and physically available to others. We often don't even know our neighbors (because everyone pulls directly into their garage and shuts the door behind them and hides behind privacy fences) and we just-as a general society-are not close-knit. In this world that we are accustomed to it was so awesome (literally awed me-that is not just valley girl talk ;) ) to have so many people converge on us and take care of us. It reminds you that there are still people who love and care for others just the way Jesus told us to. That is my favorite moment. When that realization hit home.

Now, Haley is doing just fine. !? Go figure! She seems to be in very little pain/discomfort. It's weird how "normal" she's being today (this happened just 24 hours ago-9pm on Saturday night). Pretty much our biggest problem has been keeping her calm and clean. She has wanted to run, jump and roll in the dirt! Needless to say we have to change her bandages more often than most would have to! She is our little Taz and must have a very high pain tolerance. This morning, when asked where her owie was she told us it was this teeeeeeeny tiny little (not worth mentioning) scab on her thigh!? Really?? And then she found an even smaller scab on my hand and had to kiss it for me! She is amazing in her resilience! We will be having a follow-up appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow (hopefully early on) and they will tell us what to do from this point and check it...I would really appreciate continued prayers for Haley. That her scarring would be minimal-or better yet, non-existent!

And for the pictures:
Poor baby...

Being Haley...(a little drugged up though! ;) )

before the incident! I don't know if she thinks she's Johnny Appleseed or what...

Sittin' in her chair eating grapes! :) But first you gotta pick the stems off (she's a little obsessive about things like this-she takes it very seriously)


Kristen said...

OH no! I will be praying for Hayley!!! What a tough little girl!

Bunny said...

God has protected your little one from what could have been tragic. We will continue to pray for your little one and you as well.

Chrissy said...

Poor baby! I'm so glad she will be okay :) Prayers sent your way, I can't imagine you trying to keep her clean!

mainehappymama said...

Oh no!! Poor little girl. I am glad she is doing well and you have had lots of love and support....sounds like it was much needed. How scary!

Jules said...

OMG!! How horrifying. :( I will be praying for her speedy recovery. That poor baby... :( :( :(

And poor mama!! :(

GINA said...

oh my gosh Cara i had no idea!!!
i will be praying that it is a speedy recovery w/ no scars!

im so glad she's okay though! that could have been a lot worse!

love you guys..

Kendra plus 2 said...

Holy cow! I'm always a day late and dollar short.
How's Miss Hayley doing these days? I'll keep her in my prayers!

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