Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Could Be Better...

than a field trip to a chocolatier on a Monday morning?

It was an awesome field trip. It was really more than I expected. I figured the kids would watch some chocolate being made and then get to eat a little something. But, Miss Anita (the chocolatier) talked about history of chocolate (how the Aztecs discovered it and used it) as well as the different stages of it. They got to taste some cacao powder (I think that's what it was) which had a definite negative response! :) So, when she handed them some actual chocolate she had to encourage them to taste because it was yummy! They then got to take the chocolate's temperature (to make sure it was still warm enough to be liquid-y and work with) with a laser gun that zaps it and has a temp read out (of course the boys all thought that was great!) and dip a large pretzel and put sprinkles on it. What a treat, huh?

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mainehappymama said...

Yay for a great field trip!! It sounds and looks delicious!

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