Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just A Swingin'

Nathan, like all of my children have, loves to be outside! The other day it dawned on us to hang the baby/toddler swing out in the tree again. He loves it! (Thankfully daddy likes to be outside, this mama is more in like with air conditioning most of the time-which means I get a double benefit! If daddy and all 4 kids are outside...inside is QUIET! And quiet is a precious commodity!)

We are at a stage with Nathan right now where things are happening all too quickly. Out with bouncers

In with the walker and independent sitting

Out with the cradle and sleeping in mama's bed

In with sharing a room with big brother and sleeping in his big crib.

We are shocked at the sudden changes. It seems like you go along forever with a tiny, helpless baby and then all of a sudden he starts to grow and change in tremendous ways. I think he's shocked too!

What a difference a year makes. This time last year I was barely pregnant. Just beginning to think of the implications of another baby in our life. Making lists of baby equipment that we needed, etc. Now? I have a little guy that brightens even the dreariest day. (And all that baby equipment? It's flying out of the house at amazing speed!) And he sits up, he has a tooth, he hugs and kisses me. He goes to sleep on his own (most of the time), he moves about the house by scooting or in his walker...he's just amazing. I'm so thankful God saw fit to bless us with this little guy.

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squirrelgirl said...

Love all the new pics! It's amazing how quickly they grow up. I imagine that around this time next year, I'll be posting something similar...

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