Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wasted Time

I've come to the conclusion that the time I spend looking for things that aren't where they were supposed to be has accumulated to the point that there are years of my life wasted that I will never get back. Seriously.

::Sippy cups. Untold hours-adding up to days and possibly weeks-lost. And some of them either never found, or found months later. And let me tell you. We rarely wash the ones found months later.

::Recipes. This one prob'ly isn't as bad as some. Prob'ly less than a total of 24 hours lost on this. I have this entire cabinet in my kitchen for recipes. But can I ever find the one I need? No. I have this great idea for a pretty and organized way to keep track of my recipes. And if I wasn't wasting so much time looking for things....maybe I'd have time to implement it. If I ever get it done I'll share with ya.

::Important papers. Years. Gone. Last night alone I wasted 2 hours on this endeavor. Looking for something that should've been in a specific place. (The diaper bag) And worse than that, delayed medical treatment for Nathan. I couldn't find his medical insurance papers. The proof I needed (or thought I did-they ended up having it on file at the hospital) to show the Emergency Room people that he has coverage so I didn't have to pay tons of money (that I didn't have) for him to get seen for viral croup. Still haven't found those papers. I was spitting mad. At myself. Thing is, I had the paper in my hand 2 days ago. I took it out of it's envelope to put in the diaper bag. But, I guess I never made it there. It happens a lot. I'm trying to be methodical about something (which doesn't come naturally to me-I'm more of a spaz I think than a methodical person) and put it directly where it needs to be and I get interrupted by 1 or 2 of my 4 children. I then lay the article down and forget about it. That thing could be in the weirdest place. But, the point is...that's almost 2 hours of my life that I can never get back.

::Articles of clothing. Still looking for the bottom half of Nathan's pajamas. It's a pair I LOVE. And one of his few that is just right for these cool-but not cold-nights that we are having. And they're cute on him. Although I do have to roll up the left sleeve because it covers his thumb and then he wakes up A LOT. And I don't like that. But the pants are MISSING!? That is ridiculous. And this is just one example. I know I spent hours (not all at once, but still...)looking for 1/2 of an outfit that Haley had. It was cute and comfy. I ended up finding it,months later, in Lindsay's toys. Oy.

Are you wondering what happened to Nathan last night? Why he needed to go to the hospital? We put him down for his nap yesterday afternoon and he was FINE. He had a runny, snotty nose, but no biggie. Just a little cold. I made the mistake of leaving the ceiling fan on in his room because with the air off and using windows, the boys' room gets stuffy because we don't open that window. Anyways, I was decorating a cake for a party and so Harold went to get him from his bed and when they came out you could hear every inhalation and exhalation. Sounded horrible.

(It was something like that sound, only deeper.)
Very scary to hear. So, as I was frantically looking for his paper that proves his insurance...he got better...then worse again...then better. Each time he sounded better I was tempted to skip the ER. Who wants to spend a Saturday evening in the ER!? We ended up going. And he was better. So, they just gave him an oral steroid, a prescription for some more of it. And everyone thought he was adorable. But, I knew that already.

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