Monday, November 1, 2010

Cooking in My House

Cooking in my house is quite the chore. I want to enjoy cooking. And I do. But, my children have come to expect that every meal is exactly what they want. Does that make sense? What I mean is this: we can never eat to live. You know, "boring" food. Food that you eat to sustain you.
I'm not talking about gruel or anything, just regular food.
Have you ever read Little House on the Prairie? My kids have. But they don't get it. Those people (and other pioneer-type people) ate the same thing every day. And much smaller amounts of it-and they survived. Not only did they survive, but I'm sure they were much healthier for it. And meat was not an every day occurrence. Let alone every meal.

And I'm aware that I'm guilty of this too, eating becomes a hobby. It's one of mine. You can tell.

I'm on a new campaign. For a while, everyone in my house can have cereal (things like Cheerios or Frosted Mini-Wheats or something else with some kind of food value) or oatmeal and toast. And they can like it. None of this waffles covered in syrup (which isn't even real syrup by the way, its main ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrup) and expecting me to cook a big breakfast. That should be a once a week thing. Saturdays maybe. When daddy is here to help and enjoy it. And lunch will be sandwiches-without the whine. We have a variety: peanut butter and jelly, ham or turkey. And if they really want to change it up, they can switch out miracle whip for their mustard. Oh, and tuna occasionally. And soup or chips with the least ingredients (Fritos only have a few ingredients in them-and I can pronounce them all). Oh, and fruit. Definitely fruit. Apples. Oranges. Bananas. Regular fruit.

What do you do for meals in your house? And snacks? How do you eat to live, rather than living to eat?


Anonymous said...

cute costumes!

no high fructose corn syrup is allowed in our house (for the most part). that stuff is gross. as is the fake sugar.

we do granola/pb toast for breakfast w/ bigger breakfasts on the weekend (my husband makes the pancakes/waffles, I do eggs). lunch is sandwiches. dinner is changed up but they eat what I make or they are hungry. pretty much only meat at dinner and even that isn't daily. I try to do beans/rice often. I think they are kind of perfect foods. anyway I could go on and on. but I won't. good luck!

Jenn said...

I came to this very same conclusion about a year ago. I have a breakfast schedule. Monday- cereal or oatmeal; Tuesday- bagels or toast; Wednesday- smoothies; Thursday- eggs and toast; Friday- free choice; Saturday and Sunday big breakfast...maybe. Lunch is sandwiches or leftovers.

I just needed to keep it simple, too!

Jennifer said...

We have cereal for breakfast and none of that sugar stuff. We eat mini wheat, raisin bran, strawberry awake and cheerios. Fruit is always available and if anyone wants toast, I will make it. For lunch it is just me and Logan so we do whatever. Left overs, sandwiches or nuggets usually. Sometimes we do Mac n Cheese and sometimes a healthy choice meal.

Love the pictures of your kids. Lindsay is looking so grown up!

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