Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I can come up with some pretty good excuses for not exercising (as evidenced by my lack of forward movement in my weight loss journey). Most of them are true and real. But, let's be honest. We do what we really want to do. If exercise was a huge priority for me, I'd make a way.

::It's such a chore to try to secure breastes that are large enough to hold, say, a gallon of milk. and don't be mistaken. They must be secured before embarking upon jumping around the living room.

::The baby must be taken care of. I can ask Lindsay to do it. But, let's face it...she's only 10. She's a phenomenal 10 year old, but she is limited in how much she can handle.

::My allotted time for "myself" leaves me enough time to work out OR to shower and get ready for the day. So, I can either work on my figure and stink all day (and possibly be "mistaken" for a frumpy housewife) or I can get ready and keep this extra 30 pounds (and possibly be "mistaken" for an overweight trying not to look frumpy housewife). Not both.

::I get a headache when I exercise. I think I'm allergic to it. Really, I do. (However, if I drink a lot of water, that headache usually doesn't plague me. So, maybe I'm dehydrated, not allergic? Eh, allergic sounds better.)

::My dvd player's remote broke. It really did. And that stopped the whole thing for a few days. But then I figured out you can play dvds on your COMPUTER! So, I just have to face the opposite direction (back to the tv) to work out now.

::I messed up my knee. I don't know if I did it running or doing The Shred, but it hurts. And it kinda "locks up" on me (gets stiff) if I sit too long and then try to stand. This is a for real concern. So, I cannot run (the rare chance I get to run, I visualize "running away" sometimes) and I cannot do the Shred (very high impact) but you know what? I was loaned a very nice Elliptical! It works. And I can watch tv while I do it. So, there's one more excuse checked off my list.

So, you see...there is a solution for almost every excuse I can make. As far as the eating too much (junk) goes? I just like to eat. And not apples my friend. So, there you have it. There's the truth. When I get sick enough of being heavier than I should be....I'll do what it takes. Every minute of every day.


Jenn said...

Ah yes, we all can be rather adept at playing the excuses game...me included.

Anonymous said...

for me it starts at the grocery store. not bringing junk in the house is so so difficult for me but I try each time I go.

and I have all the same excuses for exercise. though I don't get a shower most days either lately.

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