Friday, November 18, 2011


I am so sick of being asked "Are you pregnant again?" It hasn't been that many times realistically but when I'm working hard to lose weight (ok, I was...I'm a little off track right now but I will get back to it within a few days) and it's none of anyone's business....It just ticks me off. Why does someone think that someone else's reproductive business is theirs? Isn't that kind of personal? As long as I'm taking care of my children (well) and love them. And we're not habitually living off of public assistance (we don't live off of it at all but I say "habitually" because I want to point out that someone who uses welfare because of a temporary setback....they are just like us. There but for the Grace of God go [we]).
Anyways, back to my story. I just so badly to say "So, what if I am?" Maybe next time I will, but for now I just look at them with what I hope is "the look" and say "No." Nothing more nothing less. And I hope that puts them in their place. I honestly can't imagine what it's like to be a part of the Duggar Family and I don't intend to be quite so prolific but I think they're doing a knock out job! I don't get the privilege of watching their reality show because we don't have cable tv, but I would watch it if I could. I think they are an example for all parents. Not in the number of children they have but in the way they parent. Intentionally, lovingly and simply. (If you can call parenting 19+ children simple). She talks so quietly and pleasantly, I admire that in anyone because I am not that. It's what I would love to change about myself but don't know how.
I get very upset when people disparage her (and I have heard some really crass remarks about her). She is not suggesting we all have 20 children or that everyone has to do things the way they do. They have just made their choice to follow their faith and that choice should be respected. As their choice. 
And leave me alone. If I get pregnant again, I will let you know when I'm ready. (And the emphasis on "again" really makes me mad because it's like people saying I'm a "breeder" and irresponsible.)

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