Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Every year I want to simplify what I get for everyone for Christmas (my children as well as everyone else) but darn it. It's so fun! You can look at those toy books (wish books) and choose all these pretty things! I try to remember that a lot of it will be broken and forgotten within days (if not hours) of being opened...but I truly do not buy my children things throughout the year. We honestly can't afford to and I'm okay with that. I think toys and stuff should be special not just "because we're at Wal-Mart". So, at Christmas they get an overload. Guilty as charged. I'm not sure my husband is going to be all that happy with me. Things are being left at my doorstep on a daily basis now-thanks to Amazon.com and super-saver shipping! I can't wait to start wrapping it!
I think my excitement this year is because I'm closing in on being "done" and it's not even Thanksgiving yet!
Now, onto the adults....bah humbug! It's not that I don't like buying for other people or that I don't want to be generous. It's just super-hard to spend money I don't really have buying things for people that don't really want or need anything just to say I got them something. If I knew what people really wanted....that would be different.

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