Thursday, March 1, 2012

Letting Go

As a mother there are so many things you have to let go of.  At least if you want to stay semi-sane.
:: Your figure.
:: Hot meals.
:: Any semblance of a hairstyle.
:: Perfection.
:: Time with your husband.

And yet there are so many things you get to hold on to.
:: A new figure. One that is softer for those babies.
:: Great dinner conversation.
:: An excuse to wear a pony tail perpetually. And a pink visor that says "mom" in zebra print!
:: Perfection. If you've ever looked at your know what perfection is.
:: A new bond with your husband as you watch those little critters you created together.And maybe a stolen moment here and there...

Funny, that's not at all where this post was going. I think it started because my 2 year old was running around in the (semi-muddy) back yard in his sock feet. Socks are huge for me. I like them clean. To me it's like a testament of whether or not I'm doing my job. I don't look at other kids' socks and if they're gray think "Wow. That mom stinks." But it's kind of a barometer for to have socks that are insanely dirty and I know they will never come clean is...difficult. But, I'm letting go. Because it's one of those things that doesn't really matter in the scheme of life. And maybe, just maybe, it's not worth ruining a fun time playing outside.

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squirrelgirl said...

I consider socks disposable; they're NEVER clean around here :-)

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