Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I had to practice a lot of trust this weekend. First off, I left my family behind and went with the ladies of my church to ladies' retreat. This was my first year to do this (and the first time my hubby has been left with all 4 kids for more than a few hours!) because every other year I've been nursing a baby or once I was pregnant and it was on Haley's birthday. This year, my body was free to go. It's very hard for me to trust that everything will get done without me here to control it all. But I did it.
Retreat was a blast! It's like church camp for grown-ups-without the cliques and boy drama!-and I never wanted to quit going to church camp in the first place. They just wouldn't let me go once I was too old.
We had lots of worship time and time getting to know the other ladies better. We were put into teams and made up songs and chants and flags and all kinds of fun stuff that made us all feel young again.
My next turn at practicing trust came when we went to do the low ropes course. I had reluctantly signed up for the High Ropes course also. One of those deals where you really want to be able to say you've done it but you're terrified to actually do it! ("It" included a zip line as well as a tall rock wall, etc! The zipline was the thing I was most terrified of.) Darn the luck...there weren't enough sign up for it (in other words too many of the ladies in our group were sane!) so they had to cut that out of our weekend. Shoot. ;)  We did several activities that were challenging but rather tame (one of our team members was pregnant if that tells you anything) mostly balance and strategy. Then....then came the "trust fall". When you are a control freak you have trouble with this kind of talk, let alone action.
Trust fall=climbing up onto a platform around 4 1/2-5 feet off of the ground and backing up to the edge of it. Behind you is open space in which 6 of your friends stand with their arms out. Three on either side (spread out to about the length of your body). Their arms are not clasped in any way. Just sticking out there. And you have to clasp your arms in front of you so you don't flail and fall straight back. Without bending your knees or trying to save yourself in any way. You are trusting that your friends can and will catch you. T.E.R.R.O.R. Abject terror. I almost passed out after they caught me and then I had to try to stand up...I could not do it for a few minutes. But I did it!!!!! Only about 4-5 women did it. And I was one of them! :)
I made it back all in one piece and my family was in one it all worked out. Next year will be just as fun! And if I can do the "trust fall" I can do the zip line, right?

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