Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So Behind!

I am so behind. On everything in my life. And it seems as if God is okay with that. As if maybe he wants me to slow down. I have to make a statement before I continue: I love my life. There was a time when I wondered if I would ever have children. I never would have imagined 4 beautiful, healthy children would be mine. So, this is not complaining in any way-in case it takes on the tone that makes you wonder....It's not. My life is grand.

:: my house is a mess.
:: my hair has not been cut/trimmed/anything since December and
:: my high-lights...I can't remember when they were done. Let's just say that if I get my hair trimmed...they will be gone.
:: my toe nails are chipped (ha! ok a little more than chipped).
:: my van has not been washed in over a year I think (I vacuum it in case you're wondering, just not been washed).
:: my blog...yeah, if anyone is still here reading it's a miracle since I never find time to write anything coherent any more.

There are more projects than I can shake a stick at at this point and all of them seem to need more than I can give. Ie: knowhow! Each project seems simple until I hit a road block.
:: my garden needs a trellis for my cute little cucumber plants to climb on.
:: my front yard needs some major tlc. I mow it. I dream of landscaping.
:: we have a new bunny that will soon need a hutch. It has to be built.
:: my living room is in shambles. I decided to remove the paneling before our new furniture arrived. Behind it (much to my dismay) was all sorts of wallpaper in various shades of coming off. And funky texturing. I now see why they paneled it. And I wish I had left well enough alone. Oh, and guess what? The furniture is here. Waiting at the warehouse. For over a week now. I'm sure it's beautiful. In the warehouse.

Part of my problem is that my parents are mia. We had a family issue come up that they needed to be in Florida for. At the drop of a hat. They've now been gone about 2 weeks. With no end in sight. Sigh....It's not their choice either. It's very hard on everyone-least of all me probably. I actually can't even go get said furniture because I need a....TRUCK!

In the midst of all this going on (a lot of it my doing by the way--starting too many things at once) I keep having the weirdest things happening. Ok, some of them aren't weird, but the weirdness of the one that is weird is enough for all of it. I hurt my back while working out. The day my back was better I was pulling nails in my living room (remember that project?) and hit my eye with a hammer. Yes. That's the weird one. The claw slipped off of the nail and the handle or the hammering part (not sure which) slammed into my eyeball. It hurt. I had to go to the ophthalmologist! I don't recommend doing that-the hammer part, the ophthalmologist was fine although expensive. Thankfully all is well. It took a very short time for it to heal and the bruising was minimal. Then I hurt my back again (see why I think God wants me to slow down??). Not that he's striking me with these things, just allowing me some down time...whether I want it or not. So, when I get things in order...and figure out how to manage my time I plan to come back here and start writing. I miss it.

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