Monday, September 10, 2012


Due to some unforeseen circumstances we had some unexpected cousin time this summer! Because my brother's children live so far away we rarely get to see them :( I wish their visit would've been longer this summer but, we'll take what we can get!
                                           puttin out fires!
                                          nathan is not too sure about joining in those reindeer games.
                                          water play! pretending to put a fire out.
                                          josh and my dad horsing around...
                                          alex kickin' back
                                          chase and nathan
                                          chase on the left and alex on the right
                                          josh really loved playing with haley! they're only about 3 months apart
                                           a genuinely happy josh!
                                          chase (closest) and alex
We all miss those little guys more than you can imagine. :( I hope we can see them again soon! But I am thankful for the time to love and cuddle them when I had it....

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