Monday, October 1, 2012


I have such a love/hate relationship with toys. I find these toys that I think my kids will LOVE! And so I buy them. Only at Christmas and birthdays for the most part but I'll admit they have more than they need...not as many as some kids for sure, but more than they need.

The other night we were at my mom's house and she has a little basket of select toys she keeps. Nathan was enthralled with those toys and busy the whole time we were there. Way moreso than he is at our house with a bazillion toys! At our house, he gets into everyone's stuff (nail polish on the carpet anyone?) and just kind of throws the toys everywhere. So, I have an idea. I think we will get rid of toys-ruthlessly! And then take some toys and put them in the garage so we can rotate them. So that they are new every few months or year or however it works out. I know, it's not like that is some revolutionary's been done before. In fact, I read about it in a magazine I'm sure. But doing it in my own home is revolutionary to me!

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse
The same with Haley's toys. We Santa got her a Barbie Dream Townhouse last Christmas. I He really thought it was the perfect thing! I mean, come on, what little girl would not want a Barbie Dream Townhouse? Complete with working elevator and a rooftop garden tub, etc! Ummm, DREAM house? Wanna know how many times she played with it? Probably about 5. It's been almost a year Sure glad it was Santa and not me that paid for that one. *shaking my head*

I am about to redo my kids' rooms because I love to do that and haven't for almost 4 years! But! I'm going to do some serious purging and organizing. I will attempt to take pictures-before and afters, etc for blogging purposes but we will see if I remember.

I'm so ready for a purge of our house! The one thing that really needs to go due to space that I'm not thrilled about getting rid of is the crib. *sniff sniff* The last vestige of babyhood in this house....

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