Friday, July 25, 2008

My Home Overfloweth...

So, I'm drowning in all the stuff we have in our house. I'm sick of living like this. We have a small house and yet we hold on to everything we've ever had like we have a mansion with lots of storage space. What is wrong with me? I've never been so poor that I can't get what I need, and yet I hoard as if I was growing up during the Great Depression. Seriously. I need to let go.

A friend of mine recently told me that she read you should only keep things that totally inspire you or that you just love and can't part with. Well, as I look around my house I see...nothing (material things that is) that evokes those kinds of feeling (inspiration or love that is). So, do I get rid of everything I own? I recently was at someone's house that I was very impressed with the organization and lack of "crap" for lack of better words...then someone told me that she gets rid of even sentimental things--picture albums and such. So, how do you find the middle ground? I want to save important things w/o saving every card and picture my kids have ever received or made. I want to save a couple of things from my babies' babyhood, but not everything that might bring back a memory of something (hello, we do have lots of pictures with these same objects in them as well as really nice baby books filled w/ pictures and memories written down). Also, why in the world do I have egg cartons in the garage? Just in case there's ever a worldwide shortage of styrofoam? No, I save it in case I ever in my life come across (and actually let my children do) a craft that calls for egg cartons.

Clothing that hasn't fit me in 10 years? I MIGHT get back into it at the same time it comes back in style, right? Wrong. Gotta let go! Craft projects started in 1996...yeah, I might finish them one day, right? NEVERGONNAHAPPENMYFRIEND!

I have every gift bag ever received at any occasion (baby shower bag? don't go to Walmart--come here! I have it! 1st birthday gift bag?? nope, don't need Walmart...come to our house!) Need tissue paper?? Got it! How about banners that say "Happy Birthday"? Again, got it!!!! Are you getting the picture here? My home overfloweth...unfortunately it's mostly crap! And all of those shows about how you can become a millionaire just by selling the stuff in your garage or attic? Ha! Notsomuch.

I do occasionally clean out something that I was hanging on to and it feels so darn good. Why can't I do it more often?

All this to say, guess what I'm doing this weekend?? I'm going to start cleaning out stuff that I do not need. I will live with the idea that I might have to **gasp** buy a dozen eggs if we come across that adorable project we must do. Or (I might faint here) maybe I'll have to buy some tissue paper for one of those gift bags (come on can't get rid of everything in one day--and those gift bags are expensive, right?)


Jules said...

This is so me, Cara. One of the comments I got on my blog was great in regards to cards and stuff. She has one shoe box (she has no kids) and everything memory related---cards, keepsakes, movie tickets, etc. goes in there. When it gets full, she has to purge stuff from the box. Since we have the boys, I have a large box--like the kind for work boots--and I put everything in there. When it gets full, I'll have to get rid of some of the stuff. Hope this helps! :-)

Jules said...

I forgot to add--when it gets full I have to get rid of some stuff before I can put in the new stuff. Or maybe I'll discover the new stuff isn't even worth keeping!

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