Tuesday, September 29, 2009

28 weeks...about 10 to go!

But who's counting? ;)

I've also included some pictures of why it's so much fun to homeschool. :) We may put in the blood sweat and tears but we also get to reap the benefits...namely, a trip to Marble Slab Creamery today where we got to sample the goods--ICE CREAM made right there in the store.


Anonymous said...

you look great!!

squirrelgirl said...

Awesome belly pics! You look fabulous. That ice cream store looks like a fun place to take the kids.

Anonymous said...

How many babies are in there Cara????

Just joking...I read your other post first so I had to say it...I think you look great, plus my boys were always larger than my girl while in utero. Large pizzas all by myself and begging for more...that's why I started teaching aerobics.

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