Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night I was giving Haley her bath (because for some reason she screams the whole time her daddy does it lately-and it seemed easier to me to do it myself than to listen to them "fight") and that hot water looked oh-so-inviting as I was having a very achy day. So, I decided to join her. The only thing is, that is not a pregnant sized bath-tub for 1! Wanna know how I found out? When I sat in it. I did fit-barely. Then, Lindsay comes in and says "Woah mom, you put a lot of water in there". Uhhhh. No. It wasn't that full-until AFTER I got in. So, I had to talk to her about the science of displacement. All the while the two year old was attempting to bathe me-by THROWING cupfuls of water at my upper body! LOL This is a good life...not always an easy one, but a good one! Aren't you thankful there are no pictures to go with this post??

Oh, and I had a little discussion about "Nafan" with Haley too. About how he would cry when he needed something and when he was hungry he would cry for me..."what will we feed him Haley?" At this point she looks at me (this gargantuan bath taker over) and says "Ummmm, ba ba's?" Nope! Sorry dear Haley...not the answer. LOL So, we talked about boo-boos and milk (boo boo is her word-I didn't tell her to call them that) and she says she will change his diapers and clean his "body" (bottom)...This could be a very interesting year 2010! Stay tuned!

**Thanks Meredith for your kind words and offers of support! Much appreciated! :)

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squirrelgirl said...

No problem - and that's a sincere offer, not just empty words. Sounds like you're doing a little better already though - to be able to post a bathtub story about yourself shows that your humor isn't totally gone!

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