Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leaving Your Mark

We happen to live in a smaller town (kind of a satellite in relation to the larger town nearby...) so we don't see as much of this kind of thing as said larger town. It's around, but not prevalent. However, that bigger city/town/whatever has a real problem with it.

Graffiti.--this is not my picture. I found it online. I decided it wouldn't be smart to stop in the middle of the road and snap pictures.

It's everywhere. On stores, street signs, private fences, the entrances to nice new neighborhoods. Everywhere. And it looks terrible. And it's so stupid. Why? Why would you want to mark your territory like an animal? That's what it is. And you get nothing from it really. I get if someone is hungry and steals something to eat. I do. Even if someone steals something just because they want it. It's totally not acceptable, it's wrong, but you get it! There's a PAYOFF. But what is the payoff with destroying property just for the heck of it? For making the town you live in look trashy. For ruining property that people paid for. That people work for and work to take care of.
And usually it's nothing that makes any sense to most of us. So, you're not even really making a statement if you do that.
In the old days (ok, I only think I know this because it's in songs...I wasn't really there, nor do I have any proof it happened) graffiti meant defacing the bridge or the water tower to declare your love for your girlfriend. That even makes a little bit of sense. The purpose? To prove you love the person! Even though I'm sure by the time some of the boys that did it climbed down, the romance was almost over....

I just wish those people who commit this crime would realize that it makes our city look awful. And that it really ruins a person's day if it's his or her property. Oh. And if you have talent? GET A J-O-B as an artist.


Nichole said...

I completely agree. We don't have a super big problem here (thank goodness). But it was a real shock to see so much of it when we went to Rome. I kept thinking, "Oh, those poor old beautiful buildings!".

Jenn said...

Yeah...I don't get it either.

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