Monday, January 31, 2011

Where's Cara?

Okay, it doesn't have the same ring as "Where's Waldo?" but I'm tapped out. I'm thinking that satan must've been reading my last blog post. If I remember correctly it was about how blessed and happy I am as my life as wife and mommy!? And I guess that made me more of a target to him than wearing a red striped shirt and stocking cap and glasses.


I had planned for this past weekend-January 29th and 30th: Haley's 4th Birthday party. And Sunday the Grand Opening for my new business (Signature Homestyles! You should check it out! But if you want to buy something be sure to contact ME, don't buy it through the website!) at my house. That means a party/show with lots of ladies here to look at some awesome home decor and organization products AT MY HOUSE. And my hubby was going to take all 4 kids to a park or somewhere to take away all distraction...

Huge weekend for our family, right? Last Tuesday I took the baby to the dr. Why? He had croup the night before. We treated him at home but I wanted the doctor to check his breathing. Good thinking, right? Except it wasn't. Because his breathing was fine but 36 hours later he began vomiting alllllll over his sleepy mama in the middle of the night. Sound like a perfect incubation period to you? I think so. He got it from the petri dish pediatrician's (sound suspiciously similar??) office. So, he's got the sniffles/congestion which led to the croup and vomiting and diarrhea to go with it. Yay.

Meanwhile, he got the sniffles from his loving, giving sister Haley. Haley, like Nathan, likes to put things in her mouth. Her fingers, whatever. I kept telling her "Haley, you're going to be sick for your birthday party" "No I'm not" she insisted. Well, I was right. But I took no pleasure in being right. Trust me. Friday, yes, the day before her birthday party, she was acting kind of "off" but we kind of went on with our day (with a few extra preparations-extra clothes and a towel). Well, we're about 25 minutes away from home, in the middle of traffic and she starts throwing up in the car. Yep. And poor Lindsay was trying to "help" her but she can't stomach that (most kids can't I'm sure, it's a special ability most mothers pick up on the way out of the hospital with their adorable little cherub). Now, I"m slightly panicked because what am I going to do? Cancel both events? I can't cancel my Grand Opening! How flaky would that seem? To cancel my first business related "thing"?? And her birthday!? I don't even have numbers for everyone!

So, I waited. To see what would happen. She seemed to be basically over it by 4:30 in the morning on Saturday but then as we kept hoping for the best...she just was still puny. So, I managed to get ahold of most people and we moved it to Sunday-after my show! Perfect, right?

She started being punier again on Sunday morning (enough that she stayed home from church with her daddy). So, here I go again, canceling her party (this time for sometime in February as we have a HUGE vacation coming up...more on that later. I think I'll make you wait til it's over!)

And they couldn't leave for my show. Dh was having "issues", Haley was acting weird and sicky and Nathan was still not 100%. So, they were to lock themselves in my bedroom. But Jared came out to let me know that Haley had thrown up again. Yay. (I'm sure my guests were glad to know it too if they caught on). I was so relieved I had already canceled her party.

I forgot to even mention that I was feeling sooooo bad Saturday evening. And I still stayed up to decorate her cake for her party! Hindsight being what it is and all, I wouldn't have done THAT!

I think everyone is on the mend now and we can get ready for our vacation. Hopefully things will look up and I can visit blogworld before then--but I'm still going to make you wait! :)

Can you see why I've been mia??? It's been tough. Stressful. But we survived it-I think.


Anonymous said...

That is the worst, I hope it is gone from your house soon! enjoy your vacation!

Nichole said...

Sounds truly awful. I hope everything gets better soon. I've just been dealing with a sick husband. I can't imagine having a house full of sickies!

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