Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Need Answers?

I was thinking the other day that I wish this blog had lots of answers. I feel like I come here and blab about all the things I don't know...you might be to the point of thinking, "what is this person doing writing...she knows nothing?" On the contrary! I know that I don't know everything.
This is part of being a mom four times over. I now know how little I know.
This past Sunday I was asked to stay and help out in the nursery and while I was in there a mom of a 5 month old came in. Her only baby. She's a sweet first time mom. With lots of answers. Everything that was discussed (it was myself and a lady that is a mom and grandma) she had the answer for. Thing is, I did too. When I only had one child.
Even when I had 2 children. I knew almost everything. You could've asked me and I'd have told you how much I knew. Discipline problems? Well, sure. Got a minute? Eating issues? Pull up a chair! Sleeping trouble? Wee-hellllll, let me tell you what I know! Then...
I ate a large. No, we're talking HUGE piece of humble pie. Her name is Haley. She taught me some things. (Or rather God taught me through her.)
Now...Discipline problems? don't come to me! Have you seen my children? Eating issues? I sure as heck don't know. Sleeping trouble? Look at the bags under my eyes and see if you think I'm the one to ask.
When the new mommy left the nursery with her precious baby...I just smiled. One day she will eat humble pie. We all do!

By the way, I do still offer advice sometimes. I can tell you what works/worked for us at different times and what didn't work. It's offered in a manner that is much less "commanding" and more timid. I don't tell people what to do. But I know this to be true: every child is so different. Each one created uniquely. And he or she doesn't have a manual because there is no manufacturer assembly line. God created each one special-you know, like the handmade items that say each one is unique and any difference is not a defect?-and so each one has to be handled differently-but all with love, firmness and tenderness. I'm still working on the firmness and tenderness-looking for that good mix of the two. The love? Got that one down. Now, I'm going to bed before my almost 4 year old wakes for her 1st time and I have to try go get her back into her own bed.


Anonymous said...

This has been a big parenting lesson for me. I thought I had it figured out with the first as well. It's amazing to see how different each child is though!

Jenn said...

LOVED, loved, loved this post! Have I told you before how much I like your blog!!! :) This post was so true and very well written. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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