Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I read somewhere once that one reason that it's good for kids to have pets (aside from the whole responsibility stuff) is that when they deal with the death of a pet they are learning lessons about death and how to deal with it. If dead pets equal kids learning to handle death healthfully?
Yes, we lost another pet tonight. Sometime in September/October we lost a mouse (Myron). We'd had him for a while and that was a sad affair....we've also buried untold numbers of bunnies (who knew that some moms are temperamental and will begin a killing spree when they feel overwhelmed by the number of offspring hanging off of them? Or just have a bad day and decide that the fluffy little cotton tail sitting there...shouldn't be!?) and 2 weeks before Christmas lost our beloved dog Daphne.
Tonight it was the second mouse. BooBoo. Luckily, I don't think anyone was quite as attached to BooBoo as we were to Myron. He kind of was gross-er. Poop flinging was his hobby I think. *shudder* I think Jared was just kind of resigned this time. Wondering if he had done something wrong-the mouse had water today, the mouse had food....the mouse was still dead.
So, the shovel came out again.
At this point I have a question: Where in the world will I ever plant a garden??? I really want to plant a garden and although I will do a raised bed garden I don't want dead seeping into my veggies!

And as a side note, while reading "Green Eggs and Ham" Haley informed me that he should not eat them with a mouse because mouses have germs. Right you are my dear. We would never eat our green eggs and ham with a mouse. Dead or alive.

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